How many types of binary options are there in the market?

High-low – This is the most popular and in-demand binary options type. Here the investor predicts the future price of an asset over a certain period of time (expiration time).

One touch – This binary options type is a bit easier and just only require a speculation about whether the asset price will cross a certain mark over a period of time or not.

No touch – Here, the main speculation is only about whether the price of an asset will go over a certain limit or not.

Ladder – A ladder trading option is used to lock in profits just in case the prices of an asset vary above fixed price levels, which are already predetermined.

There’s, of course, many more. And all of these types require a different trading approach and strategy.

Which one did you choose? Have you found any on the net? You can look over here: Best Binary Options Strategy.

Good luck, let us know in the comments.

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