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Above/Below (High/Low) option is the most popular type of binary options trading that is in trend nowadays. The main purpose of this option is to speculate about the price of a chosen asset above or below the predetermined rate within an expiration time. From all of these strategies, it is very easy to make money and determine the risks associated before proceeding into further trading. P.s – Don’t treat binary trading as gambling instead think it as a separate branch of study and knowledge.

High-low – This is the most popular and in-demand binary options type. Here the investor predicts the future price of an asset over a certain period of time (expiration time). One touch – This binary options type is a bit easier and just only require a speculation about whether the asset price will cross a certain mark over a period of time or not. No touch – Here, the main speculation is only about whether the price of an asset will go over a certain limit or not. Ladder – A ladder trading option is… Read Article →

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